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Having recently been promoted to Room Leaders within our Butterflies rooms, working alongside Heather and Jane, we caught up with Amy Lee and Katy Nield and asked them a few questions about their role...


How long have you worked within the Butterflies room?

A: I have always worked within the Butterflies room since beginning working as a Nursery Nurse in 2013 following 2 years of working at the nursery as a cleaner. 

K: Throughout my career at Ashton House Nursery, I have worked in Butterflies. I took a short break and commenced my career again about 12 years ago and I have continously spent my time with our 3 ½-4 year olds. 


You have recently been promoted to joint Room Leader alongside Heather/ Jane, how are you finding the role?

A: It's really good! I enjoy working alongside Heather, she has mounds of experience and she is so pasisonate about the ethos of Ashton House which contributes to her way of working. I feel that our ideas and thoughts work well together and we are able to provide the children with a lovely nursery experience. 

K: Great! I feel like it has made me so much more confident as a person which has given me the assurance that I am able to deal with different situations and scenarios each day. 


What do you enjoy most about working with our 3 ½-4 year olds?

A: I enjoy seeing all of their different personalities coming out as they grow, helping them reach their milestones such as riding a bike or writing their name and seeing their excitment as they take on and conquer new challenges.

K: I enjoy watching them grow and develop, from when they first join us up until their final preparations before they head off to school. They all have such lovely personalities and they are all so funny, I love it! 


What do you feel the benefits for the children are by having Forest School sessions within the nursery?

A: The children enjoy it so much and it builds their confidence by using all the different tools, especially the hammers and the saws! I think it gives them a really good start in life having the opportunity to explore independently. 

K: It teaches them skills they may not have gained and they absolutely love it! It teaches them independence, gives them freedom to explore and take risks such as climbing trees and learning about safety by being hands on preparing fires for example.